Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What is The Loans Point exactly all about?

The Loans Point works to make loan borrowing hassle free for the Australian citizens. We are a responsible intermediary. We will try our best to get you matched with an appropriate lender who can help meet your urgent financial needs.

Ques. How can The Loans Point help me?

In this website we will help you draw easy comparison of the loan deals offered by different lender side by side so that you can choose the deal that meets your requirement.

Ques. Can I borrow a loan directly from this website?

We only offer loan comparison services. As we are not involved in loan lending you cannot borrow a loan directly from us.

Ques. What are the various loan deals that The Loans Point can help me find?

With us you can find a wide variety of loan deals that include payday loans, unsecured loans, personal loans, medical loans, home renovation loans, dental loans, cash loans and so on.

Application Formalities

Ques. Who can apply?

Australian citizens who has attained 18 years of age, has a fixed monthly income and a valid checking account are considered as eligible to apply.

Ques. How much cash can I borrow?

The amount of cash you receive upon approval will depend on a number of factors such as whether you need a short term loans or a long term loan, your current credit status, the amount of cash you need and the time you want to repayment back the loan.

Ques. How do I get started?

You can get started with us by submitting your personal information and request that we will further forward to the lenders we are associated with.

Ques. What after I have submitted my application form?

We will start the matching process right after you have submitted your loan request. Based on your requirement and repayment ability we will get you matched with the right financial service provider.

Approval Procedure

Ques. Will my credit status get checked?

Yes, ahead of approving loan request lender will run credit checks to verify the creditworthiness and to determine the possibilities you may default on the debt obligations.

Ques. Can I still get a loan despite being a bad credit holder?

It is possible to get approval despite being tagged with a bad credit rating if you can confirm your repayment ability. Based on what your current credit rating is lender will determine the amount of cash offered to you upon approval.

Transfer Time

Ques. How long will it take to get approved?

You will be informed right after a lender has accepted your loan request. The time taken to get the approved money in your bank account will depend on the banking institution you have chosen and when your loan is actually approved. Normally funds may get transferred into your bank account on the same day of approval or within one working day.

Ques. How can I avoid delays in loan approval?

In order to avoid delays in loan approval try to apply during normal working hours, provide complete and correct information and consider bank holidays.


Ques. How much is the application fee?

All sorts of fee such as application fee, loan processing fee and renewal fees are decided by the lender. So, ahead of considering a loan deal make sure you have carefully read the agreement. The agreement will include complete information about the repayment term, APR, fee and renewals.

Ques. What are the charges of The Loans Point?

At The Loans Point we charge no fee for any of our services.

Repayments Term

Ques. For how long can I borrow a loan?

Repayment tenure usually varies and depends on whether you are applying for a short loan or a long term loan. Check the loan agreement carefully to know more about the repayment term and tenure.

Ques. How do I pay back?

Repayment amount will get deducted from your account when it is due. If you are short on cash or need extra time to pay off then contact the lender immediately and see if extensions are available. But expect to pay additional fee for such facility.

Ques. What if I am unable to make repayment on the due date?

Failure to repay back on time can get you into serious financial issues. Lender may take legal action against you and charge extra fee and interest payments. This will also have negative effect on your credit status.

Contact The Loans Point

Ques. I am in need of additional information. What should I do?

At The Loans Point we understand that you may have queries or need additional information while accessing our services. Feel free to contact us whenever you are need of any such assistance.

Ques. When can I contact at The Loans Point?

We offer 24/7 services at The Loans Point. So, no matter for what reason you need to contact us, you can reach us at any time.